In God we trust, all others must bring data.

– W. Edwards Deming

In todays world, with so much of data trail left behind with every transaction, its hard to ignore this data and not base future business decisions on them.

Business Intelligence consists of answering questions such as "What happenned", "How Often has it happenned", "When did the events occcur" etc. BI is built over traditional transaction and warehouse data sources and is an excellent means to measure past performance. Advanced reporting engines, visualizations, dashboards typically form the frond end of the applications.

BI & Analytics

Analytics goes a step beyond BI and involves modeling techniques to predict events based on past patterns. Analytics can help answer questions such as - "What can happen", "Why will it happen", "What will happen if something else also occurs". Analytics is often a process of connnecting the dots and by taking into consideration seemingly disparate parameters in relation to each other. The data sources under consideration are both structured and unstructured.

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