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About Client

Our client is a startup that enables podcast creators to grow their audience through a platform where like-minded podcasters can connect.
We partnered with them to develop:
  1. An analytics service to provide podcast analytics and attribution insights to the 12k+ podcasters using the platform.
  2. An internal service used to maintain up-to-date metadata for a million+ podcasts.

Business Need


Analytics & Attribution Service
Analytics & Attribution Service
Update Service
Update Service


Analytics & Attribution Service
Update Service

Our Solution

Analytics & Attribution Services
  • Capturing listener visits: Our service is seamlessly integrated with podcast feeds by setting up a tracking prefix on any hosting platform. Once set up, listener visits to the podcast are captured.
  • Real-time streaming data ETL pipeline: Our ETL pipeline extracts, pre-processes, transforms and loads the listener visits data into a relational database. This data is now ready to be queried downstream.
  • Delivering analytics & insights through APIs: The metrics are delivered via our Analytics Reporting APIs.
  • Service monitoring and alerts: There is monitoring in place which triggers an email alert in case of infrastructure issues.
  • Attribution: Based on our understanding of the domain and how podcasters expand their audience through collaborations, we developed a custom attribution algorithm.
Podcast Analytics & Attribution Service Architecture
Podcast Update Service Architecture
Update service

Maintaining up-to-date data is necessary for services that maintain a list of users signed up on the platform and potential leads. Our update service does the following:

  • Registers and deregisters podcasts to be tracked for updates.
  • Periodically polls for the latest data from different data sources.
  • Worker scaling to handle the huge data volume.
  • Relevant attributes are extracted from the feed and the data is standardized for its use downstream. 
  • In case a change is detected, a notification is published to multiple downstream subscribers (i.e. pub-sub pattern).
  • Exposes latest metadata to other services via APIs.

Business Impact

  • Reduced cost of lead generation and subsequently customer conversion.
  • Exceeded expected update frequency performance limits for update service.
  • Powering the platform with podcast and episode-level metrics which podcasters can use to improve their growth hacking strategy. These consumption analytics can guide editorial content and targeted advertising.
  • Data signals from the attribution algorithm enable podcasters to measure the effectiveness of collaborations in terms of newly obtained listeners.
  • Exceeded expected analytics service performance cap. We delivered a real-time, event-driven solution. This would mean podcast creators can view up-to-date metrics about their podcast in near real-time.



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