About Client

A global leader in the printing industry transformed their customers’ printing equipment CapEx problem to an OpEx one, by offering ‘Print as a Service’ solution. This business innovation helped the end customer to focus on their core business instead of printing issues.

Business Need

  • A proactive approach towards maintenance of large print equipment and replacing the existing reactive approach that responds to customer complaints.
  • Offer predictive maintenance that reduces the overall cost of ownership and maintenance of the printing equipment.


  • Paper based manual process. Maintenance and service schedules were paper-based for a huge network of equipment.Incomplete data capture of the service activities leading to low level analytics.
  • Digitization with huge manuals.
    Digital transformation had to integrate with physical equipment service tools, parts, and volumes of task instruction manuals.

Our Solution

  • True digital transformation The Maintenance Manager 4.0 was developed as an automated solution for tracking and monitoring equipment maintenance. 

  • A web interface was designed that contained the database of all the equipment with their respective maintenance priorities. The maintenance managers could create work orders based on the maintenance urgency of the equipment and assign them to technicians. All maintenance instructions were made available digitally.

  • Smarter Maintenance A mobile interface notified the technicians of their work orders that provided detailed maintenance instructions. It also allowed them to update task completion, and other relevant data. The service instructions specific to the equipment parts were available in the mobile interface, doing away with the time-consuming search for instructions from heavy manuals.

Create Work Order

Task to be performed on
a machine

Pre-maintenance check

Business Impact

  • True digital transformation integrating all the activities related to equipment maintenance.
  • Customer centric approach driving business strategy – the equipment downtime is almost eliminated with systematic preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Saved time translating to greater ROI – the technician knows exactly what is to be done and the parts needed for the task are readily available digitally.
  • Visibility to the stakeholders on the maintenance efforts.
  • Complete data on the health of the equipment.
  • Availability of all maintenance data including images where applicable, enables predicting the life of the equipment and aids in a strategy for end-of-life planning of the equipment.


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