Emotion Analysis of TV Show Content


Integer1 is a first of its kind content analytics platform for the media industry. The platform has in-depth analysis of more than 300 popular TV shows across all the channels in the US for it’s emotional signature and emotional resonance with the audiences. All popular TV shows have a strong emotional connect with the audiences and integer1 platform measures precisely that emotional engagement level. Higher emotional engagement translates to higher viewership, popularity and ratings on social media.

The platform is used by media companies and TV channels to make decisions on which shows to air and when. This is done by comparing the emotional similarity of the new show against the existing shows. Content producers, media houses and TV channel companies can then make informed decisions on how the content has to be altered to resonate with the audiences.

What we do


Technical Details

There are several independent processes that make up the entire ecosystem. An enumeration of the key ones is below –

Deployment Details




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