Diagnosis and Treatment Options Repository

Client Profile

CeeTOC is a web-based consultation platform that helps clinicians with difficult cancer cases to develop new treatment plan outside the standard of care. Unlike email, phone, or texting – the tools commonly used right now – CeeTOC organizes the consultation in one place to improve outcomes. CeeTOC instantly brings multiple specialists together in a virtual board that streamlines the care process, improving quality, and saving physicians and patients costly time and energy.


What we do

  • End-to-end product development of CeeTOC platform. Ceetoc is a collaboration platform that helps clinicians handling difficult cases, to research and design treatment plans beyond the standard of care.

  • Built an extensible NoSQL based document repository linked to a case which centralizes all consultation, collaboration and learning on complicated cases for its further use across other cases.
  • CeeTOC has clean user interface making it easier for doctors to connect with peers and log diagnosis and treatment options

Technical Details

Following were some of the key technical considerations –
  • Designing an extensible, multi-tiered and extremely convoluted data structure to store all the case details was a challenging task. MongoDB Atlas was used as a documentary repository.
  • Flexible UI modules to incorporate the needs of a multi-tiered case information.
  • Collaboration and data sharing of case details with access privileges enforced.

Deployment Details

  • Both frontend and backend deployed on a dedicated AWS EC2 instance
  • AWS MySQL RDS instance used for user provisioning and rights management
  • MongoDB Atlas used for document style case repository management
  • S3 used for actual patient document records


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