Corporate Carpooling Solution

Groupool is carpooling app for verified corporate commuters making it a very safe and hassle free commuting experience. It was launched as a preferred carpooling platform for various companies in the Pune, India region.
The app has very practical and rich feature set including scheduling a ride, asking for a ride, chatting with ride-sharing members, posting social reviews, sharing ride details and feedbacks on the rides. The commercial transaction was handled through Paytm wallet integration. The ride algorithm was developed based on user’s fixed coordinates which is his home location and office location.

  • Safe and Secured, Corporate-only Carpooling App for daily commuters
  • Real-time Discovery and Collaboration platform for drivers and riders in the near vicinity area (say in the same zip code) to connect with each other for ride-sharing
  • Digital payments through integrated payment gateways and mobile wallets

  • Clean, non-cluttered interface and an easy to use App


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