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IdeaStreams is a workflow procecss automation tool to manage the pipepline of ideas and objectively evaluate them for their merits. It emulates the rigor of discovering the ideas that matter the most for your business.


IdeaStreams is an ideal platform for organizing hackathons and ideation campaigns. It enables you to identify your best opportunities and progress them to a point where leadership can make informed decisions on which one to pursue.

Idea evaluation is a collaborative process and begins early across multiple stakeholders from various business units to assess the merit in the ideas. There are three roles in the system as below –

What we do

  • INNOVATOR – One who has an idea he wants to submit for evaluation

  • JUROR – Multiple jurors review the submitted ideas to remove any individual biases. The juror panel is equipped with all the necessary tools to assess the idea – qualitatively and quantitatively

  • PROGRAM MANAGER – A program manager does two-fold job. He/She assigns a submitted idea to the right set of jusry depending upon the subject and domain. Once the ideas are reviewed, the program manager and his team is responsible for identifying potential business opportunities from top ranked ideas.


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