Discovering the True Innovation Potential

Client Profile

InnoStreams is the most comprehensive digital platform to speed new ideas to revenue with built-in decision optimization tools. It takes the focus off of only generating new ideas and channelize the energy towards organizational collaboration to validate or invalidate the highest value opportunities and remain relevant in the business. InnoStreams helps bring organizational intelligence together to add speed to developing a shared understanding of what to execute.


InnoStreams builds a three dimensional scaffolding structure around an idea to assess its potential around customer desirability, technical feasibility, and financial viability. This collaborative consensus process creates a culture of experimentation and inject speed into the business. The software has out-of-the-box reporting that the exec team can look up for their budgeting exercise.

What we do

  • InnoStreams is a unique Enterprise platform, based on Lean Canvas Model, to evaluate which ideas are worth pursuing as business opportunities!
  • The product emulates the hard process, rigor and systematic approach essential to identify true innovative opportunities.
  • InnoStreams supports various stakeholders and roles, inter-role communication and detailed reporting to make informed decisions.

Technical Details

Key technical considerations –
  • Database design for various facets of an innovation program
  • API first strategy to define an API layer for models and intricate query operations. We used Java Spring boot with parameterized queries to handle complicated queries
  • Roles and rights management for 5 different roles in the system with an ability to switch roles from within the portal
  • Cool UI with great visualization for various dashboard charts
  • Real-time collaboration using web sockets

Deployment Details

  • InnoStreams was a single tenant system to ensure data integrity per client. Accordingly, separate RDS MySQL databases per tenant were created.
  • Both frontend and backend deployed on a dedicated AWS EC2 instance
  • S3 used for document storage


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