‘Minimum Viable Product’ as a services

As a two time entrepreneur, I know how complicated it is to get your business off the ground. There are a bunch of things to be addressed – idea validation, design and prototyping, building a cool ‘Minimum Viable Product’ and finally sales and marketing to get you the first paying customer and beyond. All this is extremely tiring and can be overwhelming for an entrepreneur.

As a tech founder and an entrepreneur, I learned that I should be spending my utmost time in pitching my product to right group of audiences rather than worrying about the product development and its nuances. Even for someone with a technical background, assembling a team who buys into your vision is quite a task. There are a plethora of technical considerations that can be simply overwhelming for a to-be-entrepreneur. For e.g. – which AWS services should I use? Should I use a NoSQL database or a relational data source is good enough? Which external services to integrate with and how? Can I make my services securely available to the external world and how? How can I host confidential data securely in cloud?…and a lot more.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this all by yourself

At Tech Prescient we have done this several times before and we can guide you through the process till the time you are very comfortable with it.

How does it work – Let us know what your idea is and the vision. It’s worth nothing unless executed so feel free to discuss! We will do the ground work and research to unearth potential technical challenges that need to be addressed. We will come with the right technology stack and an MVP implementation plan. The goal is to execute the vision to deliver a working product in less than 3 months which you can actually showcase to your prospects and on-board them. Our packaged service includes supporting you through the customer acquisition phase. This leaves you to do more of business and worry less of the technicalities.
Not sure? Talk to us? See what we have built so far and check out what our customers have to say about us.