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We specialize in iPhone and Android app development for various form factors. What makes us unique among mobile app development companies is our ability to handle a project from your idea to an amazing mobile app! We help you to draft it, make it smart, and to launch it.

We have a clear understanding of the mobile ecosystem, the user experience thinking and experience of building some really outstanding apps. This means we are able to take apps to the store with all necessary approval in less than 12 hours…guaranteed!


Mobile app strategy

We carry out Application Strategy visioning workshop which is focused on bringing alignment between key stakeholders and overall goals of the application, business needs and choice of technologies. We evaluate numerous mobility platforms and frameworks to choose the most suitable options.


User experience design

We have experts associated with providing User Experience Design solutions, who always put efforts to boost the interaction of clients with their prospects/customers via digital presence, such as mobile applications, websites, social media and others. The main objective of our UX design experts at Tech Prescient is to provide you with compelling designs



At our mobile application development services company, we provide end-to-end mobile app designing, development and testing services across multiple platforms. We have skilled developers that have implemented various mobile apps making use of mobile implementation methodology that have resulted in robust mobile app deployments.



We perform end to end testing of the mobile apps. We carry out Manual/ Automated testing, and compatibility testing. We test the server performance and on device performance along with security testing and cross functional testing to make sure we deliver the perfect mobile app. We also test the API behind the mobile solution.

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