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Data-driven decision making to drive exceptional customer experience.


In today’s world, with so much of data trail left behind with every transaction, it’s hard to ignore this data and not base future decisions on them. Businesses are now finding new ways to become data-driven organizations so that they can anticipate market changes and adapt quickly by leveraging the data insights to introduce new products and services for their customers.

To be a data driven organization, companies need a comprehensive data strategy and solid platform based implementation to glean a 360 degree view of the data and the customer. Despite the hype, businesses struggle to make use of the data they collate due to a huge gap between the theoretical knowledge and actually putting this theory into practice. A few data problems include – data complexity, data silos, inaccurate data, advanced technology and lack of talent.

Our expertise in data management will help you focus on the insights and realize full value of your AI and ML investments across every business function.

Data Analytics Approach

Tech Prescient works with technology companies to develop, deploy and support our client’s product portfolio. This enables us to work on latest technologies and leverage efficiencies and best practices while developing products.

Offerings & Solutions

Data Strategy, Governance and Compliances

Data strategy has to be aligned to the specific business needs and the expected insights and outcome. The choice of platform, tools and technologies is also driven around these decision points. Our offerings include:

  • Data Discovery, Identifying data hubs, data ingestion, Orchestration, Automation and managing data quality
Data Management

Data Management

Data at rest, in-motion, relational and non-relational schemas, Data governance, access management, warehouse decisions

Enterprise Data Integration

Enterprise Data Integration

API led integration with external entities for cohesive and synchronous meaningful view. Handle data security and access authorization

Data Modeling

Data Modeling

Insights into Data, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Predictions using supervised learning, patterns using unsupervised learning, Auto ML, NLP for text analysis, model building for classification, regression and clustering

Our Expertise

  • Building and deploying Secured and Scalable multi-tenant or hybrid applications and products ‘born in the cloud’.
  • Expertise in hosting infrastructures and AWS in-particular with a thorough understanding of AWS Cloud Services and DevOps processes.
  • Auto Deployments and thorough understanding of building CI/CD pipeline, Automated Testing and end-to-end Release Management.
  • Security considerations for data in the cloud, access controls and Authentication protocols

Case Studies

Discovering the True Innovation Potential

InnoStreams is the most comprehensive digital platform to speed new ideas to revenue with built-in decision optimization tools.

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Emotion Analysis of TV Show Content

Integer1 is a first of its kind content analytics platform for the media industry.

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API Integration and Data Ingestion Platform

We built an orchestration framework and an API integration platform responsible for extracting client-specific data for various media spend channels such as Facebook, Google AdWords, etc. and a lot more

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