Identity, Access & Privacy

Identity and Privacy are the most important consideration in today’s digital world.


Identity and Privacy are the most important consideration in today’s digital world. Enterprise credibility and trust hinges on how securely they handle customer identity and customer data. Identity Access and Privacy policy defines who has access to what resources in what capacity for how long and at what times. It also defines what the user can do with that data.

Any Digital transformation process needs to consider an automated identity creation, authentication, authorization, validation, access management, privacy and data access policy to ensure secure and productive business ecosystem.
Tech Prescient has built several custom identity solutions to help our customer achieve their unique business goals. Our expertise in this subject will help you build an integrated and secured identity solution for your business need.

Offerings & Solutions

Identity Management

Accelerate product roadmaps and speed from idea to release.

Access Management

Rapid prototyping and development services to transform your product vision into real-world products.

Privacy Management

Connectors & Integrations that amplify product capability and market potential through scalable designs for data and process interoperability.

Our Expertise

  • Expertise in building identity aware business applications, managing resources, roles, and permissions, separate from the application.
  • Seamless integration of third part authentication and authorization services. Managing identity federation using industry best practices.
  • Define clean room processes and enforce strict data privacy policies to handle PII
  • Clear understanding of key identity concepts and protocols such as OpenID, OAuth2, SAML 2.0, Single Sign-on, token management, privilege management, RBAC, multi-factor authentication, etc.
  • Developed and deployed several identity management solutions at scale for large enterprises

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Real-time analytics over oceanographic data helping fisheries optimize their operations and monitor changing ocean conditions.

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