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Product Development Engineering

Product Design, Development, Deployment and Support using Industry best practices


Product development services are quite different from traditional services in several ways. In traditional services model, the work is defined, estimated, and schedule is drawn up based on resource allocation. Any changes to the scope leads to revisiting the schedule, extending budgets and/or timelines and of course more cost.

Product development services are different. They are time bound and a release date in pre-planned and announced by the product management team to the customer, partners and the prospects. Tentative feature list is drawn up and an iterative/agile development plan is made. Every Sprint is time bound (typically 2-3 weeks) and has a goal to meet. The scope of that sprint is agreed upon and at times the detailed design is discussed and agreed upon across sprints or within a single sprint.

We work with our clients to understand their specific needs and fully align our efforts towards meeting their goals.

Our process

Tech Prescient works with technology companies to build software products. With over 100 product releases, we have mastered the best practices for developing, deploying and supporting our client’s product portfolio

our process

Offerings & Solutions

Product and Platform Development

  • Best in class team with deep expertise in product development
  • Matured processes and best practices for building world class products and platform solutions
  • Focused on Automation to accelerate speed to market

Rapid Application Engineering

Rapid prototyping and development services to transform your product vision into real-world products.

Ecosystem Extension

Connectors & Integrations that amplify product capability and market potential through scalable designs for data and process interoperability.

Quality Engineering

Scale testing for faster delivery of high-quality software, while reducing costs and ensuring reliability.

Our Expertise

  • Product Design, Development, Deployment and Support using Industry best practices.
  • Expertise in the entire process right from UX/Design, Architecture, Development, QA and Deployment with right choice of design and technology across various tiers.
  • Web, Desktop and Mobile application development and deployment.
  • Expertise in building products with an API first strategy.
  • Expertise in consuming 3rd party APIs with consideration to Authentication protocols (OAuth2, others), API throttling and API timeouts.

Case Studies

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API Integration and Data Ingestion Platform

Extract data from different marketing channels through API’s, clean, and load the data into a data warehouse for further analytics.

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Discovering the True Innovation Potential

InnoStreams is the most comprehensive digital platform to speed new ideas to revenue with built-in decision optimization tools.

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Deep Dive into Oceanographic Data

Real-time analytics over oceanographic data helping fisheries optimize their operations and monitor changing ocean conditions.

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