Places Repository for Professional Photographers

Client Profile

With cell phones becoming more and more advanced in camera specs, we consider all who click photos as photographers.
If you are a landscape photographer, travel photographer, nature photographer, nightscapes photographer, cityscapes photographer, …. time lapse, star-trails, light-trails, milkyway, astro, seascapes or any photographer for that matter, this app is for you.

What we do

  • Add a ‘Place’ along with its GPS coordinates, time, month and season to shoot and many other minute details about accessibility.
  • Access your bucket list anytime, anywhere.
  • Sort and filter your bucket list on some primary parameters.
  • Presorted view of list of ‘Places’ within 150 miles, along with map view for instant plans.
  • Set a reminder on your calendar for a ‘Place’, so you don’t miss a time sensitive picture.
  • Share a ‘Place’ with a friend whom you trust
  • Add a ‘Place’ (with only the GPS coordinates) to your bucket list in one click with the cool ‘Onthe-Go’ feature.

Technical Details

Technical details…

Deployment Details

  • Deployed on AWS


  • android-apk2
  • ios-ipa2
  • react-native

Available on

  • google-app
  • app-store