Full Stack Application Development

Full Stack Application Development is probably the coolest and most coveted software development skills today. It essentially means mastering the know-hows of server development, application layer business logic and frontend development using similar technologies so as to achieve efficiencies throughout the development process.

We at Tech Prescient have worked on end-to-end software product development spanning through all the stages of the development life cycle – starting from strategy consulting to development, deployment and QA testing. Quality is of premium essence in all the work we produce with utmost attention to the details.

Our full stack expertise is spread across various technologies and platform (OS) including web, desktop and mobile. The below list will give you a fair ides of what we work although, different projects have different technology needs and we have worked on a larger set of tools and technologies as required.

Frontend Technology

Web or Mobile has to be cool looking and provide great user experience on all platforms alike. It’s a niche skill and we are extremely adept at implementing the same using skills from the JS universe.

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  • bootstrap
  • css3
  • react
  • Javascript

Backend Technology

We have core expertise on the backend stack be it JAVA based or Node.JS based. This also includes knowledge of packages that can be used for the purpose and thorough understanding of relational and No-SQL databases.

  • node
  • mongodb-logo
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  • sql-server
  • amazonDyano
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  • lamda
  • webServices
  • docker
  • ama-kinesis
  • bitbuket

Mobile Application

Mobile is ubiquitous and we live in a mobile first world now. So not having a mobile interface is no longer acceptable. We have a deep expertise and understanding of the mobile stacks and the protocols of getting complicated apps through the app stores and make them award winning.

  • android
  • ios
  • react-native
  • ionic