Join Us! Let’s Grow Together

Join Us! Let’s Grow Together

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+ -    C# .NET Developer
INDIA (Remote)
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Desired Skills: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC
Experience range: 3-5 years
+ -    DevOps and Automation Engineer
INDIA (Remote)
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Desired Skills: DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Experience range: 5-7 years
+ -    Golang Backend Developer
INDIA (Remote)
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Desired Skills: Go Programming , RPC, Microservices
Experience range: 3-5 years.

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Join us, share your vision, and let us build a strong team together. Get inspired and get connected to a global network of people making a difference.

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Who says work cannot be fun.

“When we go out there, we have fun, but we get to work, and I think we’re at our best when we’re having fun. Having fun is key.” - Ezekiel Elliott
Work Hard Party Harder
“Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?” - Edgar Bergen

Alone we go faster,
together we go further

“Great companies are built in the office, with hard work put in by a team.” -Emily Chang

The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals

Life should be a continual celebration, a festival of lights the whole year round. Only then can you grow up, can you blossom.

Why choose Tech Prescient

Improve Efficiency And Provide Better Experiences.

We have only one rule: take your work seriously, everything else should be easy and fun. Ok, that’s basically two rules. Here are some benefits you get by working with us:

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